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Antiques and Primitives Online Auction - September 2019 - Lots start ending Tuesday September 24th at 8:00 pm CST

Item Description
1.Antique toolbox. 3 compartments inside. Hinged lid.
2.Slave Chest? This is a large antique blanket chest with phenominal dovetailed construction. We believe it is a slave chest due to size and age.
3.Collection of 4 different Elvis albums
4.Collection of 4 different Elvis albums
5.Old wooden doll house. Hinged roof. Great colors.
6.Pair of soda fountain syrup dispenser pumps. These are untested. See pictures for condition.
7.Heavy duty metal tongs. Work great. Great decorator item or use them for their intended purpose.
8.Nice Large plastic Lord Calvert bottle. Great for your pocket change. No cap. Nice condition.
9.Old school chalkboard. Black on one side and green on the other. Nice wooden side frames.
10.Bee smoker. Works.
11.Old Ohio Art tin "Fire" Bucket. Not in the best condition but a good piece for your collection.
12.12 row baking pan. Bread, cornbread, etc.
13.Old wooden doll cradle.
14.Antique wooden toolbox. Black finish. Hinges work fine. Divided inside. No key.
15.Jug. Good condition with lots of wonderful crazing.
16.Antique wooden dove-tailed box with old advertising label remnant on one end.
17.Metal popcorn popper. Get ready for your next autumn camp fire.
18.Old Tractor seat. No markings.
19.Primitive jigsaw. Looks like it'd work fine. Everything moves as it should. Just needs power to the pulley wheel.
20.Horse weather vane. Painted black but some paint coming off. You can repaint or just keep the patina like it is. Swivels easily. Nice piece.
21.Vintage metal stool. Strong tubular construction. Great automotive/garage piece.
22.Soldier molds. This 2 piece mold creates soldiers out of the melted metal of your choice.
23.Metal first aid kit box. Not antique, but great colors and subject matter.
24.Wooden newspaper/magazine rack. Nice old slats. All there and works great.
25.1849 store ledger. Amazing find. These old ledgers are getting harder to find every day. This one is intact and a great piece of American history.
26.Small mercury bottle. These bottles often came in various sizes. Check out the pictures to see the condition - specifically the chip on the bottom. It's still a nice display piece though.
27.Diamond produce crate. Wooden crate with great advertising.
28.Aluminium German milk can. Age unknown. German writing on front. Not too heavy because it's aluminum. Good front porch piece for your next customer.
29.Large glass jar with wire and wood handle. This is a great size jar. Would be great for someone's change or penny collection. Great handle and bottom.
30.Old wire fixture frame. Some kind of industrial cage to protect a light perhaps. Would be a phenominal addition to a light fixture.
31.Mounted tin tile. This is an old ceiling tile mounted to a board for display purposes. Board has a small crack but it doesn't detract from the beauty of the piece.
32.Set of 4 antique curved doors. 3 of the doors match and one is a little taller. These doors are curved and contain no glass. They are in good condition.
33.Metal coal bed warmer on long handle. Age unknown. Small dent on lid per pictures.
34.Large wooden spool. Great collectors item.
35.Metal general store scoop. Nice solid construction. Good feel and great general store look.
36.Small antique decorative doll chair. Great construction.
37.Antique wooden project box. Great project for someone to add a hinge or two and make a nice working box out of it.
38.Wooden doll cradle with bedding.
39.Mammy Coffee Tin. This is a very rare coffee tin. The condition is not great but the patina is wonderful. Great display piece and great piece of black Americana.
40.Calf feeder bottle. Ohio Farmers. Interesting piece that you don't see every day.
41.Antique wooden frame. Old.
42.Old wooden box per pictures.
43.Tobacco cutter. Great old handtool. Feels and looks great.
44.Hand-forged spoon/shovel/spatula? Old forged piece.
45.Twin chocolate bunny mold. Closes properly. Clean before use.
46.Wooden Pepsi crate. Everyone has Coke crates. Be a Pepsi collector.
47.Wooden tray with leather handle. Nice handmade piece. Great decorator's item.
48.Old French ceramic jug. Great condition.
49.Old spirit bottle from Portugal. Great condition.
50.Pair of cotton carding combs. Also known as cotton paddles or cotton combs. Probably can use on fleece as well.
51.Metal Humo cigar box. All intact.
52.Framed 5 cent cigar box display. This is from a very old cigar box lid. Nice little piece
53.Old wooden block plane.
54.Pair of pheasant oil paintings. We don't want to open frames but they may be oil on board.
55.Metal can with great patina.
56.Antique ladderback chair with rush seat. Ready to go in any home.
57.Sturdy old wooden toolbox with some machinist type tools included. See pictures.
58.Tommy Boy wooden produce crate. See pictures for condition.
59.Welcome sign made from children's toy blocks glued together.
60.Chapin sprayer with amber glass jar. Untested.
61.Small jug with no chips or cracks.
62.Gorgeous porcelain piggy bank. Nice crazing. This is modern and not an antique. Gorgeous nonetheless.
63.Large wooden block plane. Ready to make some moulding.
64.Amazing vintage cast iron red Christmas tree stand. We've seen a lot of old cast iron tree stands in our days, but this is by far our favorite due to shape and color.
65.4 drawer dollhouse chest. Mint in mox with paperwork. Never used and never played with.
66.Bundle of 10 Texaco maps. All have Texaco on them. Resellers would sell these individually. You are bidding on all 10!
67.Disney Snow White laser disk box set. Gorgeous condition. Great for any Disney collector.
68.Large Roseville vase, and by 'large', we mean BIG. Amazing condition.
69.Set of 4 framed train postcards. Beautifully displayed.
70.Farm grain chute piece. We don't know too much more than that. The color and the boards are great.
71.8MM video projector, untested. Includes case.
72.Old pitchfork / potato fork.
73.Old mirror with nice wooden frame. Great neutral look. Probably older than we think.
74.Antique Victorian Door knob parts.
75.Antique spindle back rocker. Caned seat. This is 100% ready to go into any home. Great light neutral color. Condition is excellent. This is the nicest rocker we've seen this year.
76.Metal Rachengold tin. Nice large tin. Perfect for on top of kitchen cabinets.
77.Large amber bottle. Anyone can find the small ones, but this big one?
78.Ceramic foot/bed wamer. Pristine condition.
79.Antique projector. Hard to find item. Great piece of history. Amazing decoration.
80.Framed Amish "Madonna and Child". This is NOT an antique.
81.1926 oil painting. Limited information to share.
82.Pair of old bottles w/ wire and porcelain caps.
83.Large hinged wooden box. Great short size - fits well under bed or convert to opening coffee table.
84.Red Jacket ship model. These are becoming harder to find.
85.Beautiful antique oak chair. Spindle back. Cloth seat.
86.Stone umbrella stand. Maybe of Asian influence. Age unknown.
87.Charles Pretzels tin.
88.Lay's potato chips tin. Nice old one you rarely see.
89.Beautiful copper funnel. Rare and wonderful look.
90.Antique oak wooden shelf. Looks like a plate shelf. Looks like it was a custom built-in at one point because one end appears unfinished.
91.Pair of cowboy lithographs in matching frames.
92.Antique child's rocker. Old black finish. Old piece.
93.Antique baby stroller
94.Wooden yellow clogs. Trample through the mud in these large wooden shoes.
95.Primitive wooden table. Made to sit flush against a wall. Wonderful old boards and bug eaten legs. A great primitive look all around. Unique color. Great for front porch, potting shed, or even as an end table in the old farm house.
96.#13 mason jar. This is no joke. This is the very rare #13 mason jar. This jar tends to complete most people's sets. The #13 is rare because people always broke them on purpose in fear of bad luck. But, we all know #13 is now a LUCKY number.
97.Nice tool holder. From an old wooden handled nut-driver set. Great old look to it. Nut drivers are not included.
98.Wooden mustard box with dovetailed corners. See pictures for condition.
99.Antique wooden spoon holder. Great distressed look.
100.Primitive wooden boot jack. A great wall hanger. Perfect for a front porch or an entryway.
101.Child's rolltop desk, with no rolltop. Single drawer. Ready for the kid's room.
102.Ceramic bread warmer & warming stone. These are modern pieces and not antiques.
103.Cast iron squirrel nut cracker. Great look to it. Age unknown. Heavy duty.
104.Coca-Cola rack tray holder. Seen better days but you don't see these too often. Lots of Coke collectors around, so you should be able to do well on this.
105.Metal base lamp. Art-deco(ish). Heavy duty.
106.Wooden seeder. Good 'ol Americana farm piece. Untested.
107.Standing tool box made from old converted crate. Has legs and lids flip open. Very unique piece.
108.Cast iron cat door stop with green eyes. Great for Halloween or keep out all year 'round.
109.Large ice auger. Just in time for ice fishing.
110.Unique antique footstool in wonderful condition.
111.Large #5 crown jug. No cracks. Nice condition. Horizontal line is NOT a crack. It is part of the original production.
112.Beautiful green bottle. Nice heavy weight and clean. A better bottle than most.
113.Antique wooden stamp block. Great decorator piece.
114.Covered wagon. Age and origin unknown. A cool little piece.
115.Pair of wheels on an axle. Maybe from an old baby buggy. These wheels are nice looking and can be used for lots of things.
116.Tom Thumb toy cash register. Nice look with the original lable on the drawer. Untested.
117.1981 U.S. proof set
118.1993 U.S. proof set
119.1987 U.S. uncirculated coin set. D&P mints.
120.1984 U.S. uncirculated coin set. D&P mints.
121.2003 U.S. uncirculated coin set. Philadelphia Mint.
122.Italian carved stone jar with lid. No chips or cracks.
123.Small black wooden shelf. Definitely needs to be repainted but sturdy.
124.Box of wood handled tools. Nice set of small hand tools. Includes all the pieces in the pictures.
125.Spanish wooden carving. Stamped 'Made in Spain' on back. Great look to it.
126.Firefighter helment. Authentic.
127.Lot of German die cuts in protective sleeve.
128.Pottery tea pot and 2 cups. Nice set. Not an antique.
129.Antique dixie cup holder. Has some dents and such but such a cool piece. Clearly marked on bottom.
130.Pair of tin types. Nice old pair.
131.Sewing drawer. Typical treadle sewing machine drawer.
132.Pair of industrial stools. Nice industrial look to the pair. Sturdy.
133.Huge authentic Kentucky Geode. This is a big one folks! Very heavy. Never broken open so you're in for a beautiful surprise.

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